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During my time as an intern at TiER1 Performance Solutions, I had the opportunity to work on an eLearning Game for a client project. The first part of the game is an activity to educate the player on the elements of a charcuterie board. For this game, I developed different elements and designed buttons and items that highlight as you roll over them with your mouse to provide a description of each item.

game template-02.jpg
game template-01.jpg
game template.jpg

In the second part of the game, the player walks through a short scenario in which Chef Fromage needs assistance preparing a charcuterie board for an upcoming Super Bowl party. After clicking through the scenario, the player builds their own charcuterie board according to the needs of the guests. As they click each item, they receive an "error" notification if they select the incorrect item. Once the board is complete, a "You Did It!" screen pops up, and the activity is complete.

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